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**We cannot guarantee you WILL make this amount. That depends on your WORK ETHIC and every person's situation is different. These are the EXACT steps I USED to get to this level.**
Here are some Success Stories from My Happy Students..
Cleris Sanchez
Angelica Mills
Darlene Sternquist
This is what one of my best students, Lorell had to say...
Lorell Lane
"I am forever grateful for Chelsea & her Pennies 2 Gold course. Before meeting her, I was only doing what I knew best. Working & running ads for OTHER businesses and making THEM money.

I had no idea how much I was missing out on until she exposed me to this world of dropshipping. Once I applied my skill set to this new business model, I developed an entirely new income stream almost INSTANTLY. It's crazy!!

Thank you Chelsea so much for sharing this gift with me. I am forever grateful for you!!!!!"
How YOU can CAPITALIZE on the NEW WAYS people are making money: 
Online businesses are creating new millionaires every year, even daily in some cases.

There are many GREAT business models. Consulting, affiliate marketing, even network marketing.

But one is for me. E-Commerce.

E-commerce has made it possible for you to sell not only physical products but digital products as well!!! 

What does that mean exactly???? 

It means you can actually sell and profit from a product that you do not yet own.. or have possession of! 

Let me show you how I’ve been able to turn negatives into positives...

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When I took this photo, I had not seen more than 5k in my bank account at one time. Now, I can make that in a week... a couple days.. and sometimes even in a single day!!!

Yes, there are people out there making triple this with ecom... 
But see for me? It feels like just yesterday I was questioning myself. Wondering if any of this was even real! Now here I am teaching other people how to do what I have been doing every single day. It's really mind blowing when you sit and think about how far you've come.
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I did this starting with literally PENNIES. That means YOU can do this.

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Chelsea Guarriello
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Every minute spent not working on your dreams = 1 minute down the drain.
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